Chapter 3.


Growth & Maturity

Becoming Free

Some of the reason why adult life can be greyer and more miserable than it should be is that our earliest years are generally made up of a prolonged and highly…

Trauma & Childhood

The One Subject You Really Need to Study: Your Own Childhood

There is perhaps no greater priority in childhood than to acquire an education: it’s in the early years that we have to push ourselves with special vigour to learn the lessons,…

Know Yourself

No One Cares

We tend to begin our lives with a deeply unrepresentative experience: that of being surrounded by people who care to an extraordinary extent about us. We look up from the dreams…


You Don't Need Permission

When we first arrive on the earth, nothing is more alien to our minds than the idea of needing permission. We simply try to do whatever we want: when the carpet…

Growth & Maturity

Learning to Listen to the Adult Inside Us

It’s natural to think of ourselves as a single person. We have – after all – only one body and answer to only one name. But inside our minds, we are…


How to Manage One's Moods

Far more than we are inclined to accept and sometimes even realise, we are creatures of mood: that is, our sense of our value as human beings is prone to extraordinary…