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The School of Life delivers precisely-targeted, business-relevant, engaging solutions to a range of the most important challenges facing organisations today.


We will help your company acquire the emotional skills necessary to increase performance, cooperation and self-awareness – and thereby guarantee loyalty, growth and employee satisfaction.

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Emotional Skills

The difference between success and failure in business depends to an overwhelming degree on our employees’ levels of emotional skill, intelligence and maturity – and how we can support them in developing all three. Our library of +60 emotional skills transform the working environment and help individuals and teams move towards greater self-awareness, maturity and cooperation.


How We Work

Global Mining Company


We supported employees through a period of transformative change. Focusing on leaders who could make the most impact, we delivered a 2-day experience (run both in-person and virtually) including themes of leading change, leadership wellbeing, and leadership style. Each session was based on core TSOL insights, before weaving in the specific challenges and context of our client to ensure the session was meaningful, relevant, and highly helpful in supporting leaders.  

Following our leadership sessions, we also ran a virtual talk series which was accessible to all employees and designed to further equip them for upcoming change. Our talks included themes of Purpose, Resilience, Calm, Managing Change, Adaptability, and Curiosity.

Global Engineering Company


We worked with a global engineering company serving the offshore energy industry to support their annual learning festival. During a week-long period, we delivered a variety of virtual talks on topics including Anxiety, Productivity, and Peak Performance at the annual learning festival. Our keynote talk on Anxiety was timed to coincide with World Mental Health Day; 100% of participants surveyed said they would recommend the session to a colleague: ‘It was insightful and helped me to understand the nature of what I am facing and how I can analyse and manage it.’

Multinational Music Company


We delivered a unique and highly prized programme of development for outstanding employees. We ran a series of in-person 2-day events in Paris, Milan, and Berlin, over a period of 6 months. Each event was designed to help employees connect to themselves, their team, and their potential for wider influence across the organisation. With a packed agenda for each session, we covered themes from Coaching and Networking, to Empathy and Playfulness – delivering a wide-ranging, memorable, and highly impactful emotional skills boost.

Investment Management Company

Early Career Talent

We supported the recruitment of Early Career Talent in the highly competitive field of investment. Our client was looking for exceptional candidates from a diverse range of academic backgrounds. We designed an in-person evening event which included a keynote talk on the emotional skill of Curiosity, which we pinpointed as critical to Early Career success. As part of the session, we also facilitated an Intentional Networking activity – allowing both potential recruits and existing talent to connect meaningfully and authentically.

Global Real Estate Firm

Leadership – Leadership Coaching

We supported the executive leadership team at a global real estate firm through a period of transformative change. We created a bespoke group coaching experience delivered in-person over a period of several months, on themes of connection, conflict, and inclusivity. Sessions were delivered by a TSOL faculty leadership expert, and include pre and post work for participants.

Global Online Marketplace

Professional Development

We supported a global online marketplace in their mission to help all employees shape their professional development. As part of their Career Studio, we are delivering in-person interactive workshops on Crafting Careers, Goals, and Motivation. In designing this learning journey alongside our client, we have shaped a thoughtful experience which will help employees to take ownership of their career journey.

Global Engineering

Leadership – Women in Business

We worked with a global engineering company serving the offshore energy industry to help build their talent pipeline of upcoming and ambitious female leaders. In this unique event, we designed a full-day in-person experience including interactive workshops on topics of Self-Knowledge, Assertiveness, and Influence. The day culminated in an ‘Ideas Lab’ where female leaders worked together to commit to future initiatives for the business.

Why our approach works

We Go Deep

We Go Deep

We understand the intricacies and complexities of human behaviour. We put our understanding of psychology to work to help your people to grow into the best possible version of themselves. We nurture employees to become less defensive, more self-aware, more confident, kind, cooperative and engaged. We never lose sight of how emotional knots impact performance – and are there to skilfully, subtly and systematically untie them.

We foster self-knowledge

We foster self-knowledge

We help employees reduce their blind spots, better appreciate how they are seen by others and understand how to unleash their potential. We facilitate growth and emotional maturity.

We make it relevant

We make it relevant

Our interventions feel speedy, entertaining and – most importantly –personally relevant. Belonging to a consumer brand, we know how to engage the whole person with content that is thoughtful, lively, aspirational and helps employees not just at work, but across their whole lives.

We bring harmony and energy to the workforce

We bring harmony and energy to the workforce

We build a trusting therapeutic environment that allows for honesty, reflection and self-development. Employees have the opportunity to explore and tackle central issues – and return to their tasks newly focused and inspired.

Broad and Inspiring

Broad and Inspiring

We engage participants with rich stimulus and stories (rather than quick-fix formulas) to achieve long-term change. Our curriculum includes powerful, memorable ideas from art, culture, history and philosophy.

Skills for Life

Skills for Life

We recognise that fostering strong, healthy, relationships between team members is essential to building an effective organisation, and that developing emotional skills and self-knowledge will be of continuing benefit throughout each person’s professional journey.

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