How to Find Lasting Love

Love takes work. Specifically, it requires both parties to regularly communicate their hurts, desires and needs, so that they might repair rifts, understand each other’s point of view, and partake in the shared vulnerability that is the essence of long-term intimacy.

We’ve created a host of tools to inspire closeness and connection: helping people not only to find love, but to make it last.

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Love & Relationships

Love is not simply an emotion to be felt; it is a skill to be learnt. Rather than roses or candles, we need practical tools and strategies for building closeness and connection.

Love & Calm

Our very worst interactions in relationships are almost always the result of a loss of calm. Accessing a more serene state of mind can help save and strengthen love.

Love & Self

Love is impossible without self-knowledge. To find and maintain a secure, successful relationship, we need a deeper understanding of our instincts, needs and desires.

Love & Friendship

Love and friendship are two sides of the same coin. By discovering how to start and sustain good friendships, we can learn how to become better partners too.

Know Yourself in a Day

Join our one day virtual workshop focusing on the exploration of ourselves, designed for anyone who wishes to explore – as part of a curious, like-minded community – what stands between us and greater fulfillment.

Become a Friend

Our Friend scheme is our inner-circle, designed to reward and recognise those who are closest to us. A year-long membership, for yourself or gifted to a loved one, includes many benefits and allows us to explore, and return to, every topic offered by The School of Life.

Develop Your Team

Our Virtual Business Workshops take your team - wherever they may be - through a range of key emotional skills needed to thrive in the world today; including resilience, calm, endurance and strategic foresight. We build and educate winning teams.