New Tools for Young Minds

No stage in our lives is more important than childhood. It’s as children that we are able to develop our passions, acquire communication skills and start to understand the world and our place within it.

The School of Life has a range of tools specially designed for young minds, stimulating their natural curiosity and helping them grow into self-aware and emotionally literate adults.

Virtual Classes

Our Virtual Classroom is a hugely enjoyable way to learn our key ideas. Enrol today to experience our teaching, connect with experts and meet like-minded strangers from around the world from the comfort of home.


Virtual Event Gift Vouchers

The ultimate gift of personal development for a friend, loved one or yourself.  Our gift vouchers range from £40 for Membership to £499 for unlimited access to all our virtual events.



Virtual Business Workshops

Our Virtual Business Workshops take your team - wherever they may be - through a range of key emotional skills needed to thrive in the world today; including resilience, calm, endurance and strategic foresight. We build and educate winning teams.

For Finding Calm

In challenging moments, staying calm is a particular hurdle - and a vital necessity. We’ve developed a range of tools to help you alleviate anxiety and summon a wiser, more serene viewpoint.

For Self-Reflection

A chance to step back allows us time to explore who we really are. We offer a series of books, journals and games to help you gain self-knowledge and find authentic sources of fulfillment.

For Staying Connected

More than ever, it’s a sense of connection we crave. Here are tools to ensure more authentic conversations with friends and loved ones, distant and near.

For Exercising Young Minds

Children need to keep their minds stimulated. We have books and games that can keep young minds occupied and provoke their natural curiosity.

For Strengthening Love

Difficult circumstances can place couples under strain. Our range of relationship tools can help remind you why you matter to one another.

Explore eBooks

Reading isn’t just a past-time; it’s a form of therapy. A selection of our titles is available as eBooks, allowing you to download and read the best of our writing whenever and wherever you need it.