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We’ll work with you to equip your employees with the emotional skills they need to thrive at work – and grow as people.


We apply therapeutic ideas to the world of work, helping individuals and teams overcome the challenges they face, achieve their professional goals and solve the dilemmas of being human. 


With an approach rooted in psychotherapy, and drawing wisdom from the worlds of philosophy, art and culture, our interventions speak directly to the needs of each individual – while driving marked and measurable change for the organisation as a whole.

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Who We Work With

We work with organisations across all industries and worldwide, with bases in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Sao Paulo and Sydney. See more of our work

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The Guardian Mr & Mrs Smith Havas Media Meta

Emotional Skills Training

Our curriculum of 60 emotional skills gifts employees the insights, tools and resources to face workplace challenges with maturity and poise.

We’ll help employees to cope with uncertain times and focus their thinking on releasing their true potential – while maximising their mental and emotional wellbeing.


Learning Journeys

Through a consultative design process, we’re able to create curated learning journeys that focus on the specific skills your organisation requires most – while also offering tailored programmes with a proven record of success.
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Wellbeing Learning Journey Leadership Learning Journey Management Learning Journey Early Career Talent Learning Journey
Wellbeing Leadership Management Early Career Talent

We teach and develop the emotional skills proven to significantly improve individual and organisational wellbeing, leading to happier and healthier employees, teams and organisations.

We help current and future leaders master the elements of their own psychology that determine their ability to influence and inspire, using the emotional skills behind the art of leadership.

We create effective and influential managers by developing their emotional skills in key areas, supporting their organisational ascent.

We support Early Career Talent by providing curated journeys supporting the key emotional skills behind successful transition and flourishing early in one’s career.

Our Toolkit

Discover our array of learning initiatives to support your team.



Workshops offer compelling content, interactive exercises and time for expression and reflection. They run for 2 hours and are suitable for up to 20 employees at a time.



Our Talks explore the role that emotions play in office life. They’re a thought-provoking opportunity to increase company-wide levels of emotional intelligence and prompt discussion and insight. They run for 1 hour and are suitable for 50+ employees.



Coaching sessions focus on a specific emotional skill, and provide individuals with the opportunity to deep dive into their strengths and weaknesses. Conducted 1:1 and lasting an hour, participants will leave the session with a clear action plan for developing themselves in a given area.

The School of Life App

The School of Life App

Our app contains 1000s of bite-sized compelling modules on emotional maturity and self-development, available 24/7.

Books and Products

Books and Products

Our library of books from The School of Life Press explore relevant emotional skills – from Confidence to Self-Knowledge – in great depth.



Underpinned by The School of Life design principles, and rooted in psychology, behavioural science and philosophy, we’ll work with you to design a customised programme.

Open Enrolment

We run a select range of our Business workshops and talks every month which are available for individuals to book onto.

For organisations looking to run workshops for more than two individuals and on subjects, dates & times of your choosing, please contact us at [email protected]

For individuals wanting to book a place on a workshop or talk, please click below.


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