About Us - The School Of Life

Why We Exist

The School of Life exists to improve your mental well-being. We are devoted to bringing you calmself-understandingbetter relationships, deeper friendships, greater effectiveness at work and more fulfilment in your leisure time.


We do this via our books, our app, our films, our therapeutic services and our corporate offering.

About Us

We are a passionate group of people devoted to psychology, philosophy, therapy, art and culture – and on a mission to build exemplary tools that bring about growth, calm and self-understanding.

As our name – The School of Life – suggests, we are here to remind people of how life can be lived and why it is worth living.

Therapeutic Services

We run a therapy division which offers an online five-step programme to well-being. Our therapists are on hand to help you grow into the best version of yourself: free from excessive anxiety, ready for positive relationships, less struck by shame, connected to others, confident, creative and resilient.

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Psychological Education

We deliver a programme of education that empowers you to understand your mind and master your emotions. Our transformative ideas can be found in our books, our app, and our You Tube channel.


We run a range of programmes and services for corporations, designed to equip workforces with the tools they need to succeed professionally and thrive emotionally.

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What We Believe

Discover our philosophy of life in our more than 500 films and our library of books– but we have also summarised our core beliefs in 8 key rules.

8 key rules