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We’ll work with you to devise an optimal learning journey to equip your workforce with the emotional skills essential to success. We offer a comprehensive range of premium experiences, tools and interventions designed to suit the individual needs of different companies and teams. All our services are facilitated by in-house experts, and each is available in-person and virtually.

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Learning Journeys

We guide employees and teams through sets of specific skills that comprise the core abilities of all successful organisations. By breaking these down into their emotional elements, we provide a rigorous and uniquely engaging programme of learning that embeds these abilities to create lasting change. In addition to our bespoke journeys, we offer four tailored programmes.

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How Can We Help You?

Our curriculum of emotional skills equips employees with the insights, tools and resources to face workplace challenges with maturity and poise. Each emotional skill can be delivered to your people in-person or virtually in the following formats:



Our Workshops offer compelling content, interactive exercises, and time for expression and reflection.
They run for 2 hours and are suitable for up to 20 employees at a time



Our Talks explore the role that emotions play in office life. They’re a thought-provoking opportunity to increase company-wide levels of emotional intelligence and prompt discussion and insight. They run for 1 hour and are suitable for 50 + employees.



Our Coaching sessions focus on a specific emotional skill, and provide individuals with the opportunity to deep dive into their strengths and weaknesses. Conducted 1:1 and lasting an hour, participants will leave the session with a clear action plan for developing themselves in a given area.

The School of Life App

The very best of The School of Life can be found on our App, with thousands of films, essays and resources for improving emotional maturity and self-development – available on the go, wherever and whenever you need them.


Emotional Skills Workbooks and Products

From discovering the kinds of career that might be right for us, to gaining the skills we need to work effectively, we offer a range of Books and Tools for ensuring the work we do is effective, enriching and meaningful.

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