Couple and Other Relationships Psychotherapy

Love thrives when we feel understood, ‘heard’ and appreciated. Love can potentially last forever so long as we take care to unpick conflicts and resolve resentments without defensiveness. In the presence of one of our therapists, everyone can safely have their say, feel acknowledged, and as a result, affection, good humour and creativity can flourish like never before.


Our therapists are appreciative and knowledgeable in the areas of gender, sexuality and relationship diversity. We take a non-normative, sex positive and non-binary approach to varied relationship forms, including monogamy and ethical non-monogamy, such as polyamory, consensual open relationships, and others.


We invite you to try our online Couple & Other Relationships therapy service and contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions you would like answered prior to making a booking with us.

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Meet the Team

Our service is delivered by practitioners who combine the best professional qualifications with a warm, kind manner. They bring years of experience to treatment and are expert at putting you at ease and engaging with whatever might be on your mind. Above all, they listen with utmost care and provide space where your expectations are heard and recognised.


Mandy offers a safe, welcoming space for individuals, couples, and other relationship groups to explore the key issues



Melinda is motivated to support her clients’ in solving their relationship and psychosexual difficulties by exploring their early



Pooja’s approach is to work relationally with clients through understanding the multiple contexts which influence them. She is



Terry is deeply interested in how we have been shaped by our relationships and experiences, especially those in



Voytek’s overriding concern is to help people find – or refind – contentment. He supports his clients in


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