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Should I Be With Them?

We can spend a lot of time wondering whether or not we should be with a given person. But to cut through our doubts efficiently, we might consider our responses to seven very short statements designed to highlight the extent of two people’s compatibility.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Do you agree or disagree with following?:

1. They know how to comfort me well in a crisis 

2. I feel they deeply care about my well-being and flourishing

3. When I have something truly important I need to communicate to them, they listen 

4. They make an effort to try to change for me 

5. They are kind to the child in me 

6. I enjoy talking with them 

7. They have my back 

Of course, we ideally also want any partner to leave the bathroom entirely tidy, to be impeccably efficient and to be always scintillating and impressive, but we can most likely forgive them all sorts of failings if they score seven affirmatives here. Conversely, we might be headed for all sorts of trouble, and should probably ask ourselves some painful questions, if they truly can’t.

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