Chapter 4.



The Disaster of Anthropocentrism - and the Promise of the Transcendent

The modern age is inherently anthropocentric in outlook (from anthropos, greek for human), that is, it places human beings and their experience and concerns at the center of the hierarchy, above…


Why We Require Poor Memories To Survive

Generally, our culture takes a very positive view of memories and the act of remembering: we esteem the study of history, we are expected to take photos to capture precious moments;…


On Not Being in the Moment

Life is full of moments where we are meant to feel certain things. The demand starts in early childhood: it’s our birthday – and we are meant to feel happy. Dad…

Virtues of Character

On Eggs and Compassion

Compassion for others is an attractive notion, but in reality we often find it extremely difficult to be kindly and understanding towards people who make a lot of noise at unwanted…


On Needing to Find Something to Worry About

It sounds paradoxical and absurd to think that some of us might need to find something to worry about in order to recover our equilibrium. Worry is, after all, something we…


How We Are Easily, Too Easily, 'Triggered'

If we were totally sane, we would respond to the present only on its own terms; we would worry or be angered or give way to anxiety only as much as…