Partners and Couples Gift Set

  • Relationships

A gift set to restore intimacy containing The Couple's Workbook and Connect

The most meaningful gift we can give to those we love is one that teaches them to understand love better. This gift set is designed to help partners and couples discover the secrets of passion, diplomacy and intimacy.

Product description

Contained in this set: 

The Couple’s Workbook: This is a workbook containing the very best exercises that any couple can undertake to help their relationship function optimally, exercises to foster understanding, patience, forgiveness, humour and resilience in the face of the many hurdles that invariably arise when you try to live with someone else for the long term.

Hardback book | 192 pages | 38 essays | 222 x 155 mm | With exercises and room for notes

Connect: This is a pack of cards to foster connection and closeness, which can (strangely but truly) be generated almost on command by the right sort of conversations. Here are 100 questions that help couples to rekindle affection. They lead naturally to chats about what we are ready to forgive, what we deeply appreciate, what remains exciting and what is especially worth cherishing. This is a deceptively simple game with life-changing consequences.


Customer Review: “Accessible, easy to understand, but not lacking in seriousness and depth.”