The Couple's Workbook

  • Relationships

Love is a skill, not just an emotion – and in order for us to get good at it, we have to practice, as we would in any other area we want to shine in

Here is a workbook containing the very best exercises that any couple can undertake to help their relationship function optimally, exercises to foster understanding, patience, forgiveness, humour and resilience in the face of the many hurdles that invariably arise when you try to live with someone else for the long term.

Product description

Couples are guided to have particular conversations, analyse their feelings, explain parts of themselves to one another and undertake rituals that clear the air and help recover hope and passion. The goal is always to unblock channels of feeling and improve communication. Not least, doing exercises together is – at points – simply a lot of fun.

The notion of exercising is well understood in many areas; we should grant that it applies equally to love. No one can be intuitively good at relationships. We all need to do some homework to become the best partners and couples we can be.

Hardback book | 192 pages / 38 essays | 222 x 155 mm | With exercises and room for notes

Chapters include:

  • What We Should Learn From One Another
  • The Secret Lives of Other Couples
  • Continuing the Conversation
  • A Trust Check-Up
  • How We See Ourselves – And How Our Partner Sees Us
  • How We Like to Be Loved
  • Projecting Emotions
  • A Better Kind of Evening
  • A Forgiveness Ritual
  • Hidden Efforts
  • How to Argue
  • Change is Possible
  • Talking About Sex