Chapter 1.


Finding Love

What Do You Love Me For?

Sometimes, and it often happens in bed, we face an acute test at the hands of a lover to whom we have pledged our affections. We are asked, with little warning,…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

The Wrong Idea of a Baddie

Some of the reason why our lives are harder than they should be is that many of us wander the world with a hugely misleading notion in mind of what a…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

Finding Closure After a Breakup

At the root of many malfunctioning relationships and unhappy break ups lie two stories that run alongside one another but never manage to align or converge, about who has done what…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

Should Sex Ever Be a Reason to Break Up?

The most basic test of the viability of any modern relationship involves a criterion that would have appeared extremely odd to a French aristocrat in 1755 or to a Scottish crofter…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

When a Relationship Fails, Who Rejected Whom?

When a relationship ends, we expect it to be fairly easy to determine who ended it and who wished it to continue: the person who said they wanted out, who explicitly…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

The Fear of Not Being Able to Cope Practically Without a Partner

When it comes to relationships, our age has a firm belief in distributing practical tasks equally: both parties are meant to display comparable competence at, and enthusiasm for, earning money and…