Chapter 1.


Breaking Up & Heartbreak

When a relationship fails, who rejected whom?

When a relationship ends, we expect it to be fairly easy to determine who ended it and who wished it to continue: the person who said they wanted out, who explicitly…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

The fear of not being able to cope practically without a partner

When it comes to relationships, our age has a firm belief in distributing practical tasks equally: both parties are meant to display comparable competence at, and enthusiasm for, earning money and…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

What About the Children When Divorce is on the Cards?

For most of human history, people didn’t stay in relationships for love. They stayed in them in order to protect their assets, ensure their status, pool their resources, synchronise farming implements…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

What If I Just Repeat the Same Mistakes Next Time?

On our way out of a relationship, we might be stopped by a highly unfamiliar and deeply perturbing thought: what if we were – somehow – a bit to blame as…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

The Terror of Being on our Own

In the privacy of our minds, one thought – highly shameful by nature – may haunt us as we evaluate whether to stay in or leave an unsatisfactory relationship: what if…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

Are My Expectations Too High?

When we contemplate leaving a relationship, it is usually because – in the privacy of our hearts – we harbour expectations of being able to meet another, and in key ways,…