Chapter 1.



The Ongoing Complexities of Our Intimate Lives

In sexual matters, the world became modern in early April 1953, on a beach in Cannes, when the eighteen year old Brigitte Bardot appeared in front of the world’s press to…


Pygmalion and your Love life

In Book 10 of the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses, we’re introduced to one of the world’s more curious but telling myths: a Cypriot sculptor called Pygmalion has developed a problem with…


Are Children for Me?

The working assumption of modern societies is that every ‘normal’ person should seek to have children – and should in every way be enabled to do so. Yet wisdom may point…


The Importance of Play

The useful thing about children is that they don’t let their imaginations get hampered by the more irritating or incidental aspects of reality. They will for example take one look at…


How to be Curious

One of the things it’s easiest to forget about children is that they are aliens recently descended from another planet. In the way they look at everything around them, in the…


How Parents Might Let Their Children Know of Their Issues

For much of the modern era, the story of becoming an adult has been told to us as one of psychological liberation: people will notice – as they grow up –…