Chapter 1.



On the sweetness of children

If there is one generalisation we can hazard around children, it is that they come across – on a good day at least – as markedly ‘sweet’. Their attitudes, mannerisms, games,…


Listening to Children

The suggestion that parents might not be listening hard enough to their children will strike the average mother or father as, at best, maddening – and at worst simply cruel. After…


How we crave to be soothed

One of the greatest skills any human can possess is a capacity for soothing: in a better arranged society, we would celebrate not only gifted athletes and canny entrepreneurs, but also…


The Task of Parenthood

Simply defined, the task of a good enough parent is to shepherd a human from babyhood to maturity. This comprises both a physical and an emotional dimension, physically involving such feats…

Breaking Up & Heartbreak

There's Nothing Wrong with Being on Your Own

In the privacy of our minds, one thought – highly shameful by nature – may haunt us as we evaluate whether to stay in or leave an unsatisfactory relationship: what if…

Finding Love

What Do You Love Me For?

Sometimes, and it often happens in bed, we face an acute test at the hands of a lover to whom we have pledged our affections. We are asked, with little warning,…