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Creative ways to tell your brand story and build richer relationships with customers

Learning & Development

Training partnerships that help individual staff grow and organisations thrive

Case Studies

  • AXA

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    AXA identified that our reluctance to talk about taboo subjects such as money and health can inhibit us from properly planning for our future. We created a game to help people overcome this hurdle.
  • The 7 Stars

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    We provided regular training to develop the analytical skills and emotional intelligence of a senior leadership team
  • Blue 449

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    A long-term, regular series of workshops, talks and classes to gradually enhance the internal working culture over time.

The School of Life
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Ewen Haldane
Business Director

Lucy Kaur
Head of Brand Development

Aoife Keane
Head of Business Psychology (Maternity Leave)

Nick Adams
Business Programme Manager

Sophie Johnson
Learning and Development Manager

T: +44 (0)207 278 7826