Chapter 2.


Sorrows of Work

On Falling Apart at the Office

I. Office Victorians In the 19th century, British explorers were famous for not getting stressed. They might – like David Livingstone in his travels in central Africa between 1851 and 1883…

Sorrows of Work

The Sorrows of Competition

At the heart of how modern individuals work, there is a dream of security: security from humiliation, penury, dependence, arbitrary dismissal and uncertainty. At the heart of how a modern capitalist…

Pleasures of Work

What Is Empathy?

We know that empathy is a deeply important quality, which enables us to see the world as it looks through other, normally very different, eyes. But we may be unsure quite…

Pleasures of Work

In Praise of Teamwork

We are, each one of us, severely limited creatures. We can only ever get good at a few things, we can only apply ourselves properly for a certain number of hours…

Pleasures of Work

How to Become an Entrepreneur

Starting one’s own business is one of the most creative, meaningful and practically sensible things one could ever do with one’s life. Yet few of us ever get close to giving…


On Meritocracy

One of the few ambitions shared by politicians across the political spectrum is that of creating a fully meritocratic society, that is, a society in which all those who make it…