Chapter 2.


Business Skills

How Are You Difficult to Work With? Questionnaire

Inspired by our newest book, How to Get On With Your Colleagues, we’ve created a brief questionnaire designed to help you identify some of the ways you might be difficult to…

Good Work

The Importance of the Siesta

It is tempting to pretend that the body has no particular claim on us – and to overlook how much it controls who we can be, what we can achieve and…


On Learning to Live Deeply Rather than Broadly

History is filled with stories of extraordinary figures who died tragically young: John Keats (26), Emily Bronte (30), Alexander the Great (33), Mozart (35), Sylvia Plath (30), Van Gogh (37). In…


What They Forget to Teach You at School

The modern world treats education with unique seriousness. Never in the history of humanity have so much thought and so many resources been devoted to the development of the minds of…

Politics & Government

Political Emotional Maturity

We are used to recognising signs of emotional immaturity in our fellow adults (and nudging them kindly and appropriately where we can), but we are generally not as practiced at spotting…

Status & Success

Overcoming the Need to Be Exceptional

It’s a rather simple question that quickly gets to the core of someone’s sense of well-being and legitimacy: did your childhood leave you feeling that you were – on balance –…