Chapter 2.


Sorrows of Work

The Children of Snobs

Given how pejorative the term is, we’re understandably keen to locate snobs somewhere far from us. They are the people in the newspaper, or the ones who live in the other…

Sorrows of Work

The Nature and Causes of Procrastination

Introduction The history of every life is made up both of the life we lead, and the richer, more ambitious one we dream of leading – but never quite do… because…

Pleasures of Work

What is Empathy?

We know that empathy is a deeply important quality, which enables us to see the world as it looks through other, normally very different, eyes. But we may be unsure quite…

Pleasures of Work

The Need for Eloquence

Eloquence is the attempt to get a set of tricky ideas into the mind of another person using the art of verbal charm. Managing employees requires eloquence; instilling ideas in children…

Finding Work

What Is That Sunday Evening Feeling?

It descends, normally, between around 5pm and 7.30pm and can be at its height at six, especially when the weather is turning and the last of the daylight has burnished the…

Pleasures of Work

How to Become an Entrepreneur

Starting one’s own business is one of the most creative, meaningful and practically sensible things one could ever do with one’s life. Yet few of us ever get close to giving…