Chapter 5.



Why We Argue in Paradise

We’re in paradise: a beachfront hotel on a tropical island; a charming cottage in a tranquil valley, a luxurious hotel in a historic city. Our spirits stand to be soothed by…


The Importance of Architecture

In an odd but quietly very important way, works of architecture ‘speak’ to us. Some buildings, streets and even whole cities seem to speak of chaos, aggression or military pride; others…


Two World Views: Romantic and Classical

Romantic Romanticism is a movement of art and ideas that began in Europe in the mid eighteenth century and has now taken over the world. It is hard to go far…


The Advantages of Staying at Home

Lying in bed late at night or waiting at the platform for the commuter train home, we often daydream about where it would be so much nicer to be: perhaps the…


Six Ideas from Western Philosophy

Philosophy is a discipline committed to helping us to live wiser and less sorrowful lives. Here are six ideas from its Western branch that can inspire and console: ONE: ‘What need…


We Only Learn If We Repeat

One of the most obvious but striking things about a modern education is that you go through it only once. You show up every day for a number of years, get…