Our Approach

We are a global organisation delivering learning experiences for teams and businesses seeking to thrive in the modern world. We apply psychological, philosophical and therapeutic insights to the workplace: helping businesses understand the role that emotions play in office life, and develop the skills they need to operate effectively.

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What to Expect from a Business Workshop at The School of Life

Our Business workshops are delivered via Zoom by expert teachers and feature enlightening lessons and interactive exercises to help employees and leaders flourish at work.
Our approach creates a space for structured self-reflection to transform the way we see ourselves and others.
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Workshops — Virtual and In-Person

We’ve adapted our face-to-face workshops into live interactive experiences for teams working remotely. Our faculty deliver the same inspirational content using simple video conferencing tools and participants are given a structured workbook to complement the learning experience.

Talks — Virtual and In-Person

A series of one-hour interactive lectures on the role that emotions play in business and office life. Delivered by experts from The School of Life faculty, they provide a brief but thorough introduction to some ground-breaking ideas for a larger audience.

Talks — Virtual and In-Person


Management Series — Virtual and In-Person

A dedicated programme of seven workshops for existing aspiring leaders – managers, officers, department heads, executives and entrepreneurs. Each workshop is three hours long (rather than the usual two), covering each skill in greater depth at a more advanced level for those looking to enhance their overall management style.

Employee Engagement— Conversations

Employee Engagement elevates an organisation from a group of individuals to a well-integrated team. Our 90-minute virtual Conversations are structured around three major themes: Diversity and Belonging, Work-Life Balance, and Culture.



Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing is about more than being well rested or well taken care of. At The School of Life, we believe it concerns the flourishing of human potential; setting about your day with a firm sense of what matters and why.

'We worked with The School of Life to incorporate their Emotional Intelligence at Work workshop into the agenda of an agency event last year...Client response to the session was incredibly positive and the topic was relevant to the challenges many people are facing while working from home under lockdown restrictions. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with TSOL on a similar event again and highly recommend their workshops.'

Sarah Isle
Country Marketing Manager at Facebook

Case Studies

The Guardian

We provided an on-going calender of workshops to support the well-being of employees across the organisation. Individuals selected the sessions most relevant to them, most often choosing to attend multiple sessions and thus building on their learning over time.


We provided a suite of workshops on emotional intelligence at the launch of a company-wide wellbeing incentive.




We delivered two workshops on Communication and Self-Awarenss as part of a wider strategy day. Employee’s from Sky Digitals production team explored how to create a trusting environment where colleagues are encouraged to improve their communication skills.

Our Range of Books

The Emotionally Intelligent Office

The Emotionally Intelligent Office introduces us to twenty core emotional skills that can help businesses and individuals to flourish. They range from giving and receiving honest feedback and accepting that it's OK to fail, to addressing jealousies and insecurities within teams.

How to Get on With Your Colleagues

Our colleagues can be the sources of our greatest joys and triumphs: they compensate for our weaknesses, enlarge our strengths and aggregate our energies. This book is a series of lessons on workplace psychology - an essential guide to more profitable, harmonious and happier organisations.

How to Think More Effectively

This is a book about how to optimise our thoughts, fulfil our potential, and achieve the contentment we deserve. We learn at what times of day to try to work, how to make use of our boredom and instincts, and how to overcome predictable approaches to the largest problems. 

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