Chapter 5.



Simplicity & Anxiety

It is well understood by good parents that life should only ever get so exciting for a baby: after friends have come around and brought presents and made animated faces, after…


A Way Through Panic Attacks

During a panic attack, the pervasive worry that we normally carry within us and that is typically content merely gently to corrode away our lives promptly changes tack and decides it…


Self-Hatred & Anxiety

The temptation, with dealing with anxiety, is always and invariably to focus on the ostensible cause of our worry: the journey to the airport, the forthcoming speech, the letter one is…


There is No Happily Ever After

What most of us long for above all else is ‘security’, the sense that we are – at last – safe on the earth. We pin our hopes for security on…


How to Stop Being Scared All the Time

Every human worries on occasion, but for some of us, the suffering is on a quite different and more life-destroying scale: we are, without wishing to be ungrateful or absurd, more…


The Catastrophe You Fear Will Happen has Already Happened

Many of us are daily tortured by a feeling of imminent catastrophe. Something terrible seems about to happen to us: – We’re going to be abandoned – We’re going to be…