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Emotional Education

We heal faster the more we learn about how we work psychologically. When we understand our psychological functioning, we stand to be less alarmed and confused by our emotions – and readier to recover poise, peace and hope.


We run regular classes to introduce you to key concepts in emotional education. These are hugely helpful if you want to:
– understand yourself better
– understand how emotional life functions


Consider taking these alongside psychotherapytherapeutic groupspersonal study and Mind & Body therapies.

How to be Confident

Many people struggle with confidence in their personal and professional lives. We may lack confidence in sharing our ideas, making new connections or asking for what we want. Fortunately, confidence is a skill we can learn – not a gift we are born with. This is a masterclass in how to acquire this vital quality.

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How to Develop Self Knowledge

When asked to sum up all philosophical commandments, the Ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates replied: “Know yourself”. Self-knowledge matters so much because it helps us to get an accurate sense of what we need to be satisfied, which means we can make wiser choices, especially around love and work.

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How to Make Love Last

We live in a culture that talks a lot about finding love – but far less about the next part of the puzzle, making the love we have last. This is a class that equips with you a toolkit of skills for ensuring the health and vibrancy of a relationship over the long term.

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Five Steps to Change

Discover other steps on your five-step journey to healing

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