Self-Knowledge in 40 Images

  • Self-knowledge

A visual journey to inspire and guide you through the inward exploration of the self.

When Socrates, apparently the wisest man of antiquity, was asked to define our highest purpose as humans, he responded, ‘To know ourselves’. The advice has never been bettered. Without self-knowledge, all other efforts will be in vain.

Product description

This is a book to help us on our journey to knowing ourselves better. Made up of 40 images drawn from across different cultures and eras, it takes us on a tour of certain key ideas that we need to befriend our deeper selves. With elegant prose and beautiful art, it helps us to know how our childhoods have shaped us, what difficulties we characteristically experience in relationships and what our purpose should be.

It will help us in the task of bringing what was once in shadow closer to our awareness, so that we can stand a chance of being slightly less worried or puzzling to ourselves and those who care for us.
Modern society gives us no shortage of ambitions. We will have landed on the one that can finally bring us peace and freedom when we are ready – with the help of this book – to begin the inward journey.

Hardback book | 140 x 203 mm | 96 pages with 40 colour images


A culturally and historically diverse collection of eloquent and beautiful images designed to assist us in a journey of self-knowledge.

Featured photographers and artists include: David Hockney, Cy Twombly, Edgar Degas, Isabella La Rocca González and Elise Corten.