How to Enjoy Life?

  • Zelfkennis
This class is a tool of re-enchantment. We are nudged into seeing how neglectful we can be of many phenomena that lack social prestige, not because we are bad or lazy, but because we are up against enormous obstacles to proper appreciation.

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About this class

Dissatisfaction and desire are central to our lives and have a deep value and importance. But there is also crucial value in knowing how to appreciate what we have – in learning how to feel grateful for what is already to hand.

How to Enjoy Life teaches us:

  • The skills of appreciation and gratitude.
  • How little we sometimes notice what is around us.
  • How to awaken ourselves to the beauty and value of the things, people and ideas with which we are surrounded.
  • How to properly absorb what is already precious in our lives.
  • The art of sampling happiness without being sentimental or deluded – a skill we term ‘cheerful despair’.

Drawing especially on art and literature, the class gently and wisely encourages us to make more of what we have.

Reine Rek

Reine Rek is a coach, trainer and speaker. She is fascinated by human behaviour and the big subjects in life, such as love, death and identity. She has a background in the humanities and loves translating her theoretical knowledge into practical advice.

“Your brain is designed to keep you alive. It doesn’t give a shit about your happiness”

Ruby Wax

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