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How can we develop a strong connection with our co-workers? Is there a way to deal with changes and insecurity more wisely? And how can we give more space to our creativity? The School of Life offers talks on topics that are relevant now and will continue to be so in the future. In our talks, our highly-engaging and talented speakers share helpful insights from psychology, philosophy or organisational science and let you experience their practical relevance. Follow an talk from The School of Life with your team or even with the entire organisation and get back to work with more (self-)insight!

Are you looking for a weekly dose of inspiration? Do you want to kick off your week with an extra boost of energy? Or would you like to liven up the (online) Friday afternoon drinks? It is now possible to book an talk at a fixed time during the week.

About the Talks

The Power of Connection
A company’s success does not depend all that much on the intelligence of its employees. A far stronger indicator is the willingness of employees to engage, propose new ideas and voice concerns. So the best thing a company can do, is to make sure its people feel connected with each other and the organisation. In this talk, philosopher Lammert Kamphuis will show you how to do just that.
Staying Calm in Times of Crisis
In ancient times, disaster was always lurking just around the corner. To deal with that uncertainty, the Stoic philosophers developed a set of thinking techniques that are still useful today. In this talk, you will learn how Stoic thinking can help you keep your worries in perspective and keep a calm mind, even in the face of adversity.
How to Be More Resilient
In recent months, all of us have undergone setbacks. Some of them may have even deeply impacted our personal or professional lives. The question is, how can we deal with these events wisely? In this talk you will learn which (mental) resources you have at our disposal and how you to apply them to navigate through uncertain and difficult times.
The Art of Conversation
For many people, the biggest challenge at work is bringing up issues that are tricky to discuss. A lot of energy and time is lost this way, as it is precisely raising difficult issues that opens up new ways. During this talk, we will practice various conversation techniques that can help to improve communication in the workplace.
Dealing With Change
Change. Some people love it, others hate it with a passion. Although change often takes us by surprise, it’s possible (and helpful) to adopt a mindset that is more open to it. In this talk, you will learn how to develop a proactive attitude towards change, allowing you to either move along with changes more easily or to initiate change yourself when it is called for.
Unleash Your Creativity
Creativity enables us to dream up ideas and turn them into reality. So how come many of us feel they are not creative at all? In this talk we will investigate the phenomenon of creativity. How do we turn it on? Where do we find inspiration? And how do we make more room for creativity within our organizations? Get ready to unleash your creativity!

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