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During this 2-day Positioning for Purpose Bootcamp, we are inviting ambitious professionals from across sustainability initiatives, small businesses, corporates, NGOs and brands to take their place at the forefront of impact-driven change.

Frederiksplein, 54


€ 825,- excl. btw

Personal branding for changemakers

During this bootcamp you will learn to:

  • Get clear on your message and values 
  • Learn to craft a compelling personal story  
  • Become confident in your ability to raise your voice 
  • Learn to recognize and take on the opportunities that are there for you to contribute to a better world 
  • Create a career that will change the world 

In today’s landscape, silence on social, cultural and environmental issues is no longer an option. Knowing how to effectively raise your voice for change is key to opening new opportunities for you to create impact as a leader. Change-making opportunities don’t necessarily ‘find you.’ They demand vision, bravery, and an effective brand strategy. 

Brand communication, or personal branding, is basically about psychology. With a brand image, you create a distinctive, unique association with your target audience. It’s your unique ideas; your values; what you bring to the world; and how you can help your audience, all tied up in how you present yourself. Pioneers and thought leaders, working for themselves or within organizations, who take a stand on important societal or environmental issues can be the catalyst for the change the world’s needs. With this bootcamp, you can find your voice, raise your visibility and join the growing movement toward business as a force for good!  

Collaboration for a better world

All meaningful change begins with knowing yourself. The way you are comfortable working. Your strengths and weaknesses. What you really enjoy and what you fear. Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand your emotions, values, beliefs, behaviors, passions, purpose, etc. It shouldn’t surprise you, then, that becoming self-aware is the first step for effective personal branding too.  

The School of Life’s drive to spread greater self-awareness and The Humblebrag’s action-oriented courses make for a perfect combination to support the next generations of agenda-setting change-makers. We hope that participants will not only become aware of their own purpose and values but will also be able to put them into action through storytelling and taking a stand on important social and climate issues.

Practical information

  • Duration and location: 2 days on location in the center of Amsterdam, including coffee, tea and a delicious organic, vegetarian lunch.
  • Number of participants: max 25 persons  
  • Price: € 825 excluding VAT
  • Language: English 
  • Accessibility: at location Frederiksplein, easy to reach by public transport.  
  • Study load: there is no compulsory homework. You will receive ideas and techniques that you can try out and apply in your work after the training.   
  • Study materials: You do not need to purchase study materials for this training, you will receive access to the online learning platform of The Humblebrag  
  • Level: There is no entry requirement.   
  • NRTO quality mark: We have an NRTO quality mark. The Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO) is the branch organization for training and education and inspects private institutions according to eight quality requirements.    

Lucy von Sturmer

Lucy von Sturmer is the founder of impact-driven thought leadership agency The Humblebrag. She is a champion of business as a force for good and works to support business leaders and brands to take a stand on social, cultural and environmental issues. Lucy is a former radio journalist, and has more than 10+ years experience working in media and communications for some of the world's largest NGOS, sustainable fashion initiatives and advertising agencies.

Q&A with Lucy Sturmer

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During this inspirational talk on the 29th of June, you will gain insight into the programme. In addition, there will be a Q&A with the founder of The Humblebrag Lucy von Sturmer.

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“Joining the Positioning for Purpose bootcamp is more than just taking a course: it means joining a community of change-makers committing themselves and their careers to shaping a better world by raising their voice for change.”

The Humblebrag

Business as a force for good

According to Lucy von Sturmer, CEO of The Humblebrag, your brand should take a stance on the global issues of inequality and the potential ecological collapse. Listen to a quick word from Lucy von Sturmer about gaining the courage to use your business for the good of the world.

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