Programme for Professionals

Workshops - half day

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Adaptability (English)

This workshop explains how to overcome the fear of change and drive organisational growth.

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Creativity (English)

Delve into the myths which surround creative practices and discover strategies for inventive thinking.

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Diplomacy (English)

Diplomacy is the art of navigating around difficult and sensitive issues without causing catastrophe or unnecessary distress.

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Objectivity (English)

To make good decisions and work well with others, we need to be able to separate the way we feel about the world from the way it actually is.

18 februari
Communication (English)

Learn key skills for improving your habits of communication and boost productivity in the process.

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Effectiveness (English)

In order to work through the never-ending to-do list and juggle the multiple demands of others, we have to sort the urgent tasks from the merely important and make a habit of being efficient.

4 februari
Leadership (English)

Develop an authentic leadership style that inspires commitment and gets results.

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Entrepreneurship (English)

We often think of entrepreneurs as bold risk-takers with completely original ideas, but we all can benefit from thinking like an entrepreneur: generating new ideas, understanding what customers need, and constantly evaluating the end product to look for improvements.

18 mei
Resilience (English)

Developing greater resilience can help ensure that, when stress cannot be avoided, it won't derail important project or prevent important work from being completed.

Workshops for Emotional Intelligence - 1 Day