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Thought Pieces gathers the latest thinking and ideas from The School of Life for Business. Here you’ll find insightful essays exploring the challenges facing professionals today and the emotional skills required to meet them.


Why Play Is a Serious Business

Play, in most people’s minds, is the opposite of work. To hear the word is to remember childhood afternoons spent running around a garden, chasing insects and splashing puddles. Or…


On Getting an Early Night

There’s a pattern that goes like this: it’s late, given when we’ve got to wake in the morning, but instead of going to bed, we stay up. The next day,…


The Passionate Path vs. the Safe Path

When it comes to deciding what to do with our lives, we are frequently presented with what looks like a very painful choice: the passionate path vs the safe path.…


What to Say to Your Inner Critic

Who we are, at work, can be subtly different from who we are elsewhere in our lives. Being confronted with a particular task or responsibility can summon aspects of our…


On Self-Awareness in the Workplace

What is self-awareness? For the person who possesses a glittering CV and a dazzling array of qualifications, who enjoys an enviably high salary and shoulders all its accompanying prestige and…


The Duty Trap

We start off in life being very interested in pleasure and fun. In our earliest years, we do little but hunt out situations that will amuse us, pursuing our hedonistic…


That Sunday Evening Feeling

It descends, normally, between around 5pm and 7.30pm and can be at its height at six, especially when the weather is turning and the last of the daylight has burnished…


For the Money, or the Love?

Many of us want to start our own businesses. Public space is filled with reports of new ventures. But the reporting on entrepreneurship is heavily skewed in one particular direction:…


The Importance of Eloquence

Eloquence is the attempt to get a set of tricky ideas into the mind of another person using the art of verbal charm. Managing employees requires eloquence; instilling ideas in…