The School of Life at Waterstones

At The School of Life, we’ve always believed in the therapeutic value of reading. We’ve partnered with Waterstones and Foyles to bring you six all-new School of Life Hubs, located in bookshops around the UK, where you’ll find our most popular books, tools, games and resources in one place.


We’re also hosting special conversation events and workshops in selected Waterstones stores, hosted by our faculty. Keep an eye on our newsletter for more details.

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Waterstones Nottingham
Books should be…


The best books put their finger on emotions that we recognise as deeply our own.

Waterstones Gower St
Books should be…


One kind of good book leaves us asking: how did the author know that about me?

Waterstones Cambridge
Books should be…


Some books are to be cherished – not so much for what they say, but for the thoughts they help us with.

Waterstones Manchester (Deansgate)
Books should be…


Books teach courage when we need it the most.

Waterstones Birmingham
Books should be…

Defiantly odd

Books help us by having an accurately broad grasp of what it means to be normal.

Foyles Charing Cross
Books should be…

Read at the right time for us

Much of what makes a book ‘good’ is that we are reading it at the right time for us.

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Free resources for Parents and Teachers

No stage in our development is more crucial than childhood. It’s during our early years that we form our passions, our personality and our understanding of the world and our place within it. We’ve created a library of resources to help children develop the emotional, psychological and interpersonal skills that traditional education doesn’t always teach.

Tools for young minds