Resources for Parents and Teachers

No stage in our development is more crucial than childhood. It’s during our early years that we form our passions, our personality and our understanding of the world and our place within it. Childhood sets the course of our adult lives.


At The School of Life, we take childhood seriously. We’ve created a library of resources to help children develop the emotional, psychological and interpersonal skills that traditional education doesn’t always teach, starting them on the journey toward a healthy and fulfilled adulthood.

Outdoor Storytelling Activity Pack

Children are often told that experiencing nature is good for them, but are rarely told exactly why. This activity sheet explores an encounter with a cosy hedgehog and children are encouraged to explore a range of emotions as they relate to the natural world.
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Indoor Activities for Young Minds

Children need exercise, in mind as well as body: especially when they’re stuck indoors. These 10 exercises are designed to help keep the young minds in your household occupied and stimulate their natural curiosity.
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Philosophical Ideas Learning Pack (8+)

Philosophy, meaning ‘love of wisdom’, is a vital discipline for understanding the world. Inspired by our book Big Ideas for Curious Minds, this learning pack is designed to engage children with some important philosophical ideas, developing their critical thinking skills and encouraging their growth as independent thinkers.
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Emotional Literacy Learning Pack (6+)

Children can often struggle to put their feelings into words. Inspired by our book An Emotional Menagerie, this learning pack is designed to increase emotional literacy, helping children to recognise and manage their emotions and understand the role they play in human behaviour.
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Art As Therapy Learning Pack (8+)

Art isn’t just nice to look at; it’s a form of therapy. Inspired by our book What Adults Don’t Understand About Art, this activity sheet is designed to introduce children to the therapeutic value of art and how it can help us become more imaginative, creative and empathetic.
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Relationships Skills Learning Pack (8+)

So much of children’s happiness and success is dependent on how well they relate to others. Inspired by our book Happy, Healthy Minds, this learning pack is designed to help children think about their relationships, both positive and negative, and develop their empathetic and interpersonal skills.
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What Are You Feeling? Activity Pack

It can be hard for children to identify and articulate how they are really feeling. Based on our book What Are You Feeling?, this resources pack is designed to provide fun and engaging activities for school and at home that encourage children to develop emotional literacy skills, helping children to recognise and identify their feelings in ways that are healthy and easy to understand.
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