Who Am I?

  • Special event
The most important journey you can take is one of self-discovery. To know yourself, you must spend time with yourself and ask the question, Who Am I? In this session we will help you navigate this question with a personal and playful approach.

Frederiksplein 54 Amsterdam


€ 39,-

Are you ready to answer the question ‘Who am I’?

In this workshop you will…

  • Develop your self-understanding within key areas of your life
  • Engage in meaningful conversation and exercises in a safe space with a small group of participants
  • Receive the workbook Who Am I? to continue the journey at home.

Do you want to make a change in your life, but do you not know how? It happens to everyone at some point in life. A good place to start is to get to ‘Know thyself’, as the popular philosophical proverb goes.
You live with yourself day in day out. So, it’s easy to assume that you know who you are. But do you know how this ‘you’ came to be? Which events and encounters created your sense of self? And do you understand how these insights can help you make more deliberate decisions for the ‘future you’?

How it works

During this workshop you will revisit different moments in your life through prompts from the workbook ‘Who Am I’. What revelations will these memories bring you? Within the safe space of this session, you will discuss your findings in duo’s and in a group setting.

Practical information

Time: 14:00 – 16:30
Location: Frederiksplein, 54 in Amsterdam
Ticket: € 39,- (Workbook ‘Who Am I’ included worth € 22,-)
Language: English

About this workbook: Who Am I

A guided journal with psychological exercises to develop self-understanding.
This book is designed to help us create a psychological portrait of who we are with the use of some unusual, oblique, entertaining and playful prompts. The book is filled with exercises to help us develop our self-understanding within key areas of our lives – helping to create a rich picture of our existence.

What people said about the book:

“By far the most extraordinarily helpful journal, questions that are relevant to self-discovery, exploration, and closure.”
“This is even more interesting than I expected. I am very keen to answer one more question every time I open it. And the idea from the end is creative!”
“Another great interactive resource from School of Life to help identify and understand the mind’s perception of the reality.”

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