The School of Life Melbourne
669 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC. 3000

+61 434 492 669 

Shop Hours
Tuesday to Friday: 12pm - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm

About The School of Life

The School of Life is a global organisation with a mission to help people lead more fulfilled lives.

We believe that the journey to finding fulfilment begins with self-knowledge. It is only when we have a sense of who we really are that we can make reliable decisions, particularly around love and work.

Sadly, tools and techniques for developing self-knowledge and fulfilment are hard to find – they’re not taught in schools, in universities, or in workplaces. Too many of us go through life without ever really understanding what’s going on in the recesses of our minds.

That’s why we created The School of Life; a resource for exploring self-knowledge, relationships, work, socialising, finding calm and enjoying culture through content, community and conversation. You can find us online, in stores and in welcoming spaces around the globe.

The School of Life Vision & Values

Watch our video to find out more. You'll find many more like this if you visit our YouTube channel.


The School of Life Melbourne is a shop and classroom located at 669 Bourke St, in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

We are located in the perfect spot for public transport with the 86, 96, 112 and 109 trams right outside our front door. We're also located 50m from Southern Cross Station.


The School of Life offers daytime, and occasionally evening and weekend hire of our classroom space, purposefully designed by the wonderful people at Fieldwork Projects


The School of Life and Dumbo Feather partner to help realise their joint mission in facilitating meaningful conversations that can guide, console and nurture our communities. Together we run a series of programs themed around impactful storytelling and living with passion and purpose.


Danny Almagor, Berry Liberman, Francie Doolan, Dan Fitzgerald, Mele-Ane Havea, Lisa Hyden, Lillian Kline, Kaj Löfgren, Madeline Lucas, Connie Wigney, Ally Spernat, Caroline Vu, Kartik Iyer and Emily Yanay.



The School of Life Australia is a registered B Corporation, which means it has been approved as a social enterprise with an emerging group of companies that are using the power of business to create a positive impact on the world and generate a shared and durable prosperity for all. Certified B Corporations have undertaken a rigorous assessment that explores a company’s governance, transparency, environmental and social impact. B Corps voluntarily hold themselves to a higher level of accountability in these areas. Together, B Corps redefine success in business by competing not to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.


'I started The School of Life from a sense that schools forget to teach you so much of the stuff we need to get by in this world. Where is instruction in relationships, in the management of career, in the raising of children, in the pursuit of friendship, in the wise approach to anxiety and death. All this sort of stuff I craved to learn about when I was a student and down to this day. I wanted to make the school a one-stop shop for information about the area of life I call emotional intelligence. We have been going for several years now and we have done a lot. It’s the thing I’m proudest to have done in my life. We’re trying to bring order and coherence to a confusing part of everyone’s life.'

Alain de Botton – Writer and Founder of The School of Life