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Emotional Skills Training

Our emotional skills training can provide solutions to a wide range of challenges faced by organisations. We can help businesses navigate periods of transformation and change; from changes of management and internal structures, to adapting to new organisational priorities and practices. We can help upskill certain groups, teaching the necessary emotional skillsets needed to succeed at higher levels. We can also support existing engagement or wellbeing programmes, and make the perfect complement to corporate or client events, conferences or away-days.

Learning Journeys

We focus on taking employees and teams on learning journeys – guiding them through sets of specific skills that comprise the core abilities of all successful organisations. By breaking these down into their emotional elements, we provide a rigorous and uniquely engaging programme of learning, supported by materials, that embeds these abilities in ways that no one else can.

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Our curriculum of 20 emotional skills workshops provides employees with the insights, tools and resources needed to face a range of challenges. Taught by our in-house experts, they comprise of enlightening content, interactive group and solo exercises, and time for sharing and reflection.

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Management Series

We focus on the emotional components of successful leadership. Our Management Series Workshops focus not only on the emotional skills required for successful people-management, but also how to foster these behaviours in teams and create lasting cultural change.

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We are interested in exploring the big questions facing businesses of the future. We host one-hour interactive talks on the role that emotions play in business and office life, throwing light onto the larger issues that affect businesses’ ability to thrive.

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