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Our Talks provide a wise, thoughtful and entertaining perspective on some of the biggest questions employees and organisations face in today’s world: from dealing with emotional problems at work; to the keys to effective collaboration; to techniques to help us better understand our own minds.

Delivered by experts from The School of Life faculty, available in-person or virtually for groups of up to 300 people*, these one-hour talks are a brief but fascinating exploration of some game-changing ideas.


*Larger groups may be accommodated on request. 

Our Talks

1. Emotional Intelligence at Work

In today’s workplace, our success is dependent on our capacity for emotional intelligence. It allows us to confront with patience, insight and imagination the problems we face in our relationship with our colleagues and ourselves. In this talk, we’ll explore the meaning and benefits of emotional intelligence, and how we can use it to negotiate workplace dynamics and challenges with patience and skill – becoming more mature, serene and fulfilled people in the process.


2. The Importance of Collaboration

Though our society tends to glorify lone creators, it is only by collaboration that we achieve the most important accomplishments. Though only in the last century or two has complex collaboration become an ordinary part of working life, it’s now the single biggest factor determining whether a project, team, or organisation is a success. In this talk, we’ll explore examples of collaboration in history, politics and business to learn about its true nature and benefits. We’ll consider ways that we can combine our strengths with those of others and practise communicating more clearly (and disagreeing more constructively) in order to work together better.


3. Agility in Times of Change

The modern world of work is defined by rapid change and innovation. As businesses have to move ever faster to keep up, agility has become a core skill within organisations navigating the shifting demands of their industry. In this talk, we will learn about the practical and emotional obstacles to agility; discuss different pathways to fostering a more agile workplace culture, and consider the role that nostalgia and anticipation play in shaping our expectations for the future.


4. Diversity and Belonging

Diversity has become something of a buzzword for modern businesses, but fostering a diverse and inclusive culture has the potential to reinvigorate your entire organisation. In this talk, we will discuss the importance of Deep-Level Diversity (which includes such things as education, values and neurotypicality) as well as the role that various psychological factors play in shaping our relationships and experience of work. Some discussions will employ anonymity to allow a free expression of different perspectives.

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