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Emotional skills form the basis of committed, passionate and enterprising professionals. We apply a unique understanding of people and emotions to help businesses discover different ways of working. We specialise in teaching the emotional and interpersonal skills that employees need to succeed and thrive at work, and in facilitating greater engagement and wellbeing within teams. We work with organisations to identify their needs, understand the challenges they face, and deliver an engaging and inspiring programme that will allow them to flourish.

Emotional intelligence is the key to increased employee engagement and performance.

Custom Programmes

Together with you and our experts, we create programmes that tackle the issues and challenges your organisation faces. We will first investigate the learning needs and potential of your work place and then use our workshops, talks, (team) coaching, video’s, books, games and our wider network to create a unique bespoke programme.

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Our workshops focus on 20 emotional skills, such as resilience, creativity, communication and leadership. Have a look at what your team or organisation needs and book one or more workshops, online, at your location or with us in the centre of Amsterdam.

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Our Talks provide a wise, thoughtful and entertaining perspective on some of the thorniest questions employees and organisations face in today’s world. Delivered by experts from The School of Life faculty, they’re a brief but thoughtful introduction to some ground-breaking ideas for a larger audience.

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Do you want more emotional intelligence at your work place? Please contact our Business Programme Advisor, Sadije Bunjaku.

Sadije Bunjaku

Business Programme Advisor [email protected]