Julia Samuel: Change Your Family Dynamics

In this online masterclass Julia Samuel, one of the world’s most inspiring psychotherapists, will help you understand your family story and break patterns.

Family relationships are largely pattern-based. We have found ways of interacting that do not require any further thought. These inevatible patterns often give comfort, but sometimes they fall short. In this two-part online masterclass, therapist and author Julia Samuel shows you how to understand and, when desired, change your family patterns.
What do you do, for example, when roles in a family system change? The youngest leaves home, a mother starts suffering from dementia, a child is born, a father dies. How do you reshape your relationships? How do you make sure it changes along with the circumstances?
And what do you do with the patterns embedded in a past that is long gone? The inflexible, unwritten rules that keep you from building the connection with your family that you long for at this moment in time. What do you do when you keep having the same arguments over and over again, if you keep finding yourself giving advice or if, perhaps, you find yourself hiding certain sides of yourself? How do you talk to your family about this? And how do you stop yourself from doing what feels so natural?
During these masterclasses, Julia Samuel invites you to take a closer look at the stories and patterns at play in your own family. She will help you find the courage to have meaningful conversations and initiate change. Samuel uses her experience as a psychotherapist and the latest scientific insights to give you tools for improving your family relationships. Get ready to move one step closer to the family you want!

Practical information

Type: Two-day Masterclass
Dates: 16th and 23rd of May
Ticket: € 65,-
Duration: 1,5 hours
Time: 19.30 – 21.00 CEST
Location: Online via Zoom
Option of rewatching: The day after the programme, you will receive a link with which you can rewatch the programme for two weeks.
Language: English

About the speaker

The masterclasses will be taught by therapist Julia Samuel and she will be interviewed by Frits Philips.

Julia Samuel (English)

Julia Samuel is a leading British psychotherapist. During the last thirty years, she has worked first for the


Frits Philips (English)

As the Head of Professional Programmes at The School of Life Frits Philips works intensively with organisations such