Art as Therapy

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Have you ever felt seen by a piece of art? Or has art allowed you to look at the world through a whole new lens? In a group session with art historian Timea Andrea Lelik you’ll explore the different ways in which art can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.


€ 49,-

How can art enhance your life?

In an art-as-therapy session you:

  • Gain insight into the therapeutic value of art
  • Take a look at art and your own life through a new perspective
  • Receive the book Art as Therapy to further deepen your own understanding of the therapeutic effects of art

Most people agree that art is important. But it’s not always easy to explain why. At The School of Life, we believe that one of the reasons art matters, lies in its therapeutic value. Experience how art gives you a deeper understanding of yourself in this group session guided by art historian Timea Andrea Lelik. How it lets you discover new worlds. How it comforts, challenges, moves you or makes you laugh.

How does it work?

The session starts with an introduction of the therapeutic value of art through Alain de Botton’s seven functions of art. This is used to engage in personal discussions, interactive assignements, and reflective exercises to integrate the therapeutic aspects of art into your daily life. At the end of the session you will receive the book Art as Therapy by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong. When ordering your ticket, you can choose in which language you want to receive the book.


About the book

Alain de Botton, founder of The School of Life, along with philosophical art historian John Armstrong, answers the question “What is the point of art?” in this book. An engaging and accessible book with 150 examples of the therapeutic value of art, architecture and design. De Botton argues that what matters is not the provenance of a painting, but the emotion it evokes. Using the themes of love, nature, money and politics, he shows how these art objects can guide, admonish and comfort us. How art can help us become a better version of ourselves. This book gives us a deeper understanding of art and of ourselves.

Practical information:

Duration of the session: 2,5 uur
Time: 14:00 – 16:30
Location: Frederiksplein 54, Amsterdam
Option 1: €49 (including English softcover of ‘Art as Therapy’ worth €17,95)
Option 2: €70 (including Dutch hardcover of ‘Kunst als therapie’ worth €39,50)
Language: English

About the teacher

This session is guided by Timea Andrea Lelik.

Timea Andrea Lelik

Dr. Timea Andrea Lelik is een kunsthistoricus, curator en schrijver. Ze heeft een Ph.D. diploma kunstgeschiedenis aan de