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The School of Life is a global organisation helping people lead more fulfilled lives.
Have a look at the English special events, classes and professional workshops that are hosted by The School of Life Amsterdam below.

Special Events


Professional Workshops and Intensives

For teams or entire organisations

Workshops for emotional intelligence

How can we stay calm? What can help us adapt to change? And how can we become more innovative? If there's one thing employees need in these times of radical changes, it is support with emotional questions. All of a sudden, we’re being faced by challenges that are asking us to come up with fresh answers and out-ot-the-box solutions. But at the same time, the circumstances in which we work have changed, making it more difficult to collaborate, which of course only adds to the stress.


Talks for your team or entire organisation

How can we develop a strong connection with our co-workers? Is there a way to deal with changes and insecurity more wisely? And how can we give more space to our creativity? The School of Life offers talks on topics that are relevant now and will continue to be so in the future. In our talks, our highly-engaging and talented speakers share helpful insights from psychology, philosophy or organisational science and let you experience their practical relevance. Follow an talk from The School of Life with your team or even with the entire organisation and get back to work with more (self-)insight!

Are you looking for a weekly dose of inspiration? Do you want to kick off your week with an extra boost of energy? Or would you like to liven up the (online) Friday afternoon drinks? It is now possible to book an talk at a fixed time during the week.


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