What is The School of Life?

The School of Life is a global organisation devoted to teaching you how to lead a more fulfilled life. We offer insights in the key ingredients of emotional well-being: how to form good relationships, identify a satisfying career, minimise anxiety, acquire confidence and connect properly with friends.

All our services are available around the world in digital format - via books, films, articles, online classes and online psychotherapy.

New: Bold Truths

Bold Truths is a collection of wise statements immortalised as art: 20 philosophical prints encapsulating the most important lessons The School of Life has to teach. Brought to life by leading artists and designers, they’re ready-made prints that can be lifted out and displayed in your home or place of work as a permanent reminder of how to live well. They’re a perfect marriage of beauty and utility: exquisite illustrations of essential ideas.

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Know a parent, or have children yourself? Discover books and tools to help us raise resilient, emotionally intelligent kids. 

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Our Virtual Business Workshops take your team - wherever they may be - through a range of key emotional skills needed to thrive in the world today; including resilience, calm, endurance and strategic foresight. We build and educate winning teams.