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Employee Wellbeing

The best and most productive companies understand the critical importance of looking after employee emotional well-being. Mental distress and disfunction can wear away at companies; the right interventions guarantee success.

The School of Life is a leader in the mental wellbeing field – and can offer you two proven and effective solutions.


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The School of Life App

We offer an emotional well-being app that, on a daily basis, feeds users the best ideas around self-care, in a way that is constantly entertaining, compelling and helpful. Topics covered include the best approach to relationships, family life, workplace issues and anxiety and burn out.

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Psychotherapy for Companies

We provide a psychotherapy service especially geared towards the needs of employees: sensitive to workplace dynamics, alive to privacy issues and conscious of the importance of scheduling flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Speak to us to find out more about how we can structure both company-wide and individual access to our service.

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