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Employee Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing doesn’t just carry personal benefits: it’s good for business. Only once we’re feeling calm, supported and fulfilled do we become capable of working imaginatively and effectively. We offer a range of resources designed to support employees’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Our range of books, tools, classes and events contain ideas and exercises that teach employees the elements of self-knowledge, resilience and serenity.

We can provide these products and services to your employees in a number of ways including bespoke gift packs and gift vouchers that can be spent on event tickets or in our shop.

Employee Wellbeing Gift Set

This gift set brings together tools which allow team members to investigate their motivations and think, in gloriously open-ended fashion, about the broader questions which surround work.


Workshops and Talks for Professional Skills

To help build an entire team or organisation’s wellbeing, bring in The School of Life for Business, to run Workshops and Talks on the key emotional skills required for resilience and fulfilment at work.

Books, Products and Gift Vouchers

Whether as a means of saying thank you, or to ensure your team enjoy a chance to reflect and practise self-care, our books and products make the perfect gift. Vouchers to spend in our online shop are also available.

Workshops for Individual Reflection and Learning

Encourage and enable your staff to attend our workshops on a diverse range of themes, from self-knowledge to relationships and culture. Individual event tickets or vouchers for ticket purchases are available online.

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