Big Ideas From History

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An engaging, alternative history of the world for children, which helps to make sense of today

The present can loom very large in a child’s mind: all the crises and challenges of the modern world can feel overwhelming and at times dispiriting. This book is a big history of the world, from the beginnings of the universe to now, which places the reader at its centre. It encourages them to think about how and why they experience the world as they do and offers a helpful perspective by placing their thoughts and feelings in the context of our history and evolution.

Product description

Big Ideas From History is an immense story of what has happened through time that speaks personally and constructively to a growing mind. What might the dinosaurs or the ancient Egyptians, the Aztec warriors or the Enlightenment thinkers of the 18th century tell us that could be interesting and useful to hear now? The insights we need are scattered in time and place, waiting to be discovered.

The book also looks to the future and asks the reader to imagine a world they would like to live in. What might they learn from self-knowledge? How can they grow, develop and create their own place in history? It is a thoughtful and inspiring introduction to the world around us, which encourages the child to engage with themselves and others through history.

‘An entertaining and insightful history exploring what our children can learn from the past’ – Dan Jones, bestselling author and historian

  • Presents children with interesting and varied big ideas throughout history, covering Prehistory, Ancient History, The Middle Ages, Industrialisation, The Modern World and The Future.
  • Makes history fascinating and relevant to children and renders complicated material accessible to a younger audience without condescension.
  • An engaging way to open up conversations between adults and children about thoughts and feelings.
  • Beautiful illustrations by Anna Doherty depict two characters traversing the history of the world, bringing it vibrantly to life.
  • Follow up to the best-selling Big Ideas for Curious Minds. Over 110k sold in the English language.
  • Ideal for Ages 9+

Hardback | 246 x 180 mm | 320 pages | 175 Illustrations