Therapy at
The School of Life

At The School of Life, we believe that getting therapeutic help should – ideally – be an ordinary and wholly unsurprising thing. You don’t have to have a ‘big’ problem to see a therapist, simply something you’d like to talk about: something that’s weighing on your mind which could use some expert attention.

The Importance of Therapy

At The School of Life, we believe that consulting a psychotherapist should be as accessible and as normal as getting a haircut or working out. Therapy isn’t for the select or distressed few; we believe that therapy is for everybody.

These are unusual times, to say the least.  Fears and anxieties are running high at a time when social distancing may keep us from being able to connect with our social and professional circles. Taking care of our health - both physical and mental - is imperative. The School of Life has always offered online therapy and this remains available as a resource to help people feel connected and supported in the coming weeks and months.

Our psychotherapists and psychologists are all fully accredited practitioners, registered with tightly governed professional bodies. They are expert listeners with a great wealth of experience in all the quirks and unusual facets of the human mind. A one to one session allows an objective, non-judgemental space in which you can talk freely and openly about the things which worry you; guided, all the while, with valuable insight from a trained professional.

Therapy for Business

The School of Life has always offered online therapy, and this remains available to businesses as a resource to help employees feel connected and supported in the coming weeks and months.  Sessions can be bought individually or in bundles. Contact for more details.

'Our psychotherapists are fully trained and experienced professionals, but we are more than that -- we are open-minded, dedicated, and curious. We aren't dogmatic and although we care deeply about psychology and psychotherapy, we also recognise the immense contributions philosophy, culture, art, music, and literature have made to our understanding of the human condition. We appreciate the pain and joy of being alive, and we provide a safe, private space for exploring and making sense of some of the darkness. Psychotherapy can help you manage the complexities of simply being human.'

Charlotte Fox Weber, Head of Psychotherapy