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At The School of Life, we believe that consulting a psychotherapist should be as accessible and as normal as getting a haircut or working out. Therapy isn’t for the select or distressed few; we believe that therapy is for everybody. Taking care of our health – both physical and mental – is an imperative. The School of Life offers online therapy as a resource to help people feel connected and supported all around the world.

If you have further questions about Therapy, please visit our Therapy Frequently Asked Questions.

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50 minutes

Individual Therapy

An in-depth conversation and the opportunity for weekly follow on sessions with a highly qualified psychotherapist. Whatever is going on in your life – whether you are entering a period of transition, want to improve your relationships or are stuck in a rut– we’ll engage you in an enlightening one-to-one conversation marked by curiosity, respect and understanding.

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50 Minutes

Couple & Other Relationships

A safe forum in which to discuss issues that, when couples handle only by themselves, can too easily descend into misunderstanding or recrimination. When we feel that we haven’t been heard properly by our partner we are less likely to want to hear them in turn. In the consulting room, everyone can safely have their say, feel acknowledged, and as a result, progress can be made.

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2 Hours

Career Counselling

There are few questions harder or lonelier than ‘What should I do with my working life?’ We are often simply meant to know the answer – and a lot of people tend to be invested in us continuing along a safe and predictable path. The School of Life offers a Career Counselling Service designed to guide us deftly towards the kind of jobs in which we can thrive.

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Therapeutic Services


Life’s too short for bad books – but with a new book published every 30 seconds, it can be hard to know where to start. In a consultation with one of our bibliotherapists, you’ll explore your relationship with books so far and your unique readerly identity will be sketched.

Employee Wellbeing

Psychotherapy for Companies

We provide a psychotherapy service especially geared towards the needs of employees: sensitive to workplace dynamics, alive to privacy issues and conscious of the importance of scheduling flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

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