Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT) is a distinctive kind of therapy especially helpful for those of us who feel stuck in repetitive cycles of unwanted thoughts or behaviours. Perhaps we keep getting anxious about something beyond what is helpful or cannot give up on particular fears or regrets. CBT teaches us techniques to correct our patterns of thinking; it gives us tools to more correctly distinguish emotions from facts and dread from reality. Our therapists are trained to work with the CBT modality, which is particularly effective at helping with obsessive or intrusive concerns, panic attacks, self-defeating behaviours, shyness, addictions, perfectionism, anxiety, and depression.

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Our service is delivered by practitioners who combine the best professional qualifications with a warm, kind manner. They bring years of experience to treatment and are expert at putting you at ease and engaging with whatever might be on your mind. Above all, they listen with utmost care and provide space where your expectations are heard and recognised.


Dan is motivated by a desire to help clients feel both supported and equipped to navigate emotional challenges.



Poonam is motivated by an intense desire to bring healing to people who have been through traumatic or



Voytek’s overriding concern is to help people find – or refind – contentment. He supports his clients in


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