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Self-Care Gift Set
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Self-Care Gift Set

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A gift set to restore calm containing Emotional Barometer, The Calm Workbook and Utopia Candle: City of Tomorrow.

Our Gifts to Restore Calm are designed to alleviate anxiety and practise healthier mental habits, helping someone you love cultivate a more present and serene mindset.


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Contained in this set

The Calm Workbook – Fortunately, a calm state of mind is not a divine gift. Even those of us starting from a more agitated position can systematically understand and lay claim to it. Too many books on this subject simply explain what it would be like to be calm. This is a workbook that takes us through the practical steps required to actually become calm.

It is filled with exercises and prompts that deliver the self-understanding and self-compassion on which true serenity depends. Furthermore, the book invites us to build calming routines into our daily lives so that what we learn can stick with us and change us for the long term.

Chapters include:

Learning to Handle Moods
Philosophical Meditation
No one is Normal
Global Pessimism


Emotional Barometer – This is a tool to help us overcome our vagueness: cards that offer definitions of twenty moods that we can all recognise but that can be hard to pin down and explain. Here are descriptions of – among many other things – the sense of feeling weepy, nostalgic, anxious, and dreamy.

These cards help us reach a clearer understanding of our inner emotional weather. They can also be passed on to friends and colleagues (or simply displayed on our desk) so that the world can better know what’s going on inside us, without our needing to explain too much.

For if you’re feeling:
Anxious, Loving, Dreamy, Confident, Guilty, Sulky, Grateful, Envious, Solitary, Obsessed, Ugly, Practical, Weepy, Sensual, Melancholy, Self-Pitying, Needy, Happy, Awed, Nostalgic.

Box of twenty cards with movable dial and fold-out stand on box lid | 160 x 115 x 20mm



Utopia Candle: City of Tomorrow – Throughout history, people have designed utopias, perfect worlds that aren’t exactly real and yet that serve to illuminate real needs. Contemplating utopias restores and reinvigorates us by helping us to focus on what things could, and might, one day be like. Inside this beautifully-crafted jar, is a candle whose subtly blended fragrance helps to evoke the perfect world described by: the architect Le Corbusier, a realm of elegance, lightness and speed.

Lighting the candle creates a moment in which we are able to reframe, and gain perspective over, some of the problems of our world today.

Scented with freshly cut grass with green pear, rose, lily, jasmine and balsam | Ceramic candle pot |Visitor’s Guide booklet and box | 80 x 90mm

Please note, the items arrive as a collection but are not gift-wrapped.