Therapy at The School of Life

At The School of Life, we believe that getting therapeutic help should – ideally – be an ordinary and wholly unsurprising process.

We offer psychotherapy, couple counselling, pre-marriage counsellingcareer counselling and group therapy services; read on to find out more.

About Groups at The School of Life

Therapy is mostly done one-on-one, but there can - for some of us - be great advantages to joining a group, where we meet regularly and talk with unusual focus and openness about our emotional lives.

Groups differ from a mere gathering from friends, because they are led by a team of expert psychotherapists and psychologists, who offer structure and support and guide the conversation in the most useful and interesting ways.

The great advantage of groups is that they offer rich insights into how we behave around, and respond to, other people. Fears, hopes and patterns of behaviour that don’t normally get observed in daily life can be studied and discussed in an atmosphere of deep insight and kindness.

Groups are a hugely valuable addition, or for some people alternative, to the one-on-one therapeutic work we provide at The School of Life.

'Our psychotherapists are fully trained and experienced professionals, but we are more than that -- we are open-minded, dedicated, and curious. We aren't dogmatic and although we care deeply about psychology and psychotherapy, we also recognise the immense contributions philosophy, culture, art, music, and literature have made to our understanding of the human condition. We appreciate the pain and joy of being alive, and we provide a safe, private space for exploring and making sense of some of the darkness. Psychotherapy can help you manage the complexities of simply being human.'

Charlotte Fox Weber, Head of Psychotherapy

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