Tools for Young Minds

No stage in our lives is more important than childhood. It’s as children that we are able to develop our passions, acquire communication skills and start to understand the world and our place within it. The School of Life has a range of tools specially designed for young minds, stimulating their natural curiosity and helping them grow into self-aware and emotionally literate adults.

Philosophical Questions for Curious Minds

Children are born philosophers – but in order to fully bring out the best of their thinking, it helps to equip them with the largest and most thought-expanding questions. Philosophical Questions for Curious Minds contains 52 of the very sharpest questions, based on the biggest conundrums of philosophy.

£12 / €14.50 / $16


Big Ideas for Curious Minds

An introduction to philosophy for children; designed to harness their spontaneous philosophical instinct through introductions to some of the most fascinating and essential thinkers from history. Filled with exercises and beautiful illustrations to bring the ideas of great thinkers vibrantly to life. Suggested for curious minds aged 9 and over.

£18 / €25 / $25


What can I do when i grow up?

A book about the world of work written expressly for young people, giving answers to questions like “what should a ‘good’ job involve”, “how does the economy work?” and “how much money should I make?” Featuring ideas and exercises that will spark fruitful conversations and help children look forward to working life with positivity and anticipation.

 £15 / €20 / $20


Tools for Slightly Older Minds

Children need exercise - in mind as well as body. For families stuck indoors, we have books and games that can keep young minds occupied and stimulate their natural curiosity.


Tools for Parental Solace

Being a parent is one of life’s greatest joys, whilst also - at times - causing some of our greatest sorrows. Here are tools that can help us stay sane and persevere through the peaks and troughs of raising children.