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Psychosexual Therapy

Sex often remains immensely difficult to talk about – and therefore, we suffer far more than we should in an area that should be joyful and intimate. Our psychosexual therapists are hugely experienced specialists – as well as highly sympathetic human beings. A conversation with them will allow you – either alone or with partner(s) – a chance to explore what is challenging, what you would hope for and what has been complicated. In a nurturing, safe and non-judgemental space, you can discuss issues at depth – and find your way towards a more satisfying and authentic sexual future.

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Our service is delivered by practitioners who combine the best professional qualifications with a warm, kind manner. They bring years of experience to treatment and are expert at putting you at ease and engaging with whatever might be on your mind. Above all, they appreciate that you are interested in results.


Lynn takes a hugely practical approach to therapy; she wants to help people develop the skills to lead



Melinda is motivated to support her clients’ in solving their relationship and psychosexual difficulties by exploring their early



Meryem knows how sensitive sexual issues can be and uses her warm, encouraging manner to help clients break


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