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Five Steps to Change

The School of Life passionately believes in change.


We’re here to help you grow into the best version of yourself, someone free from excessive anxiety, ready for positive relationships, connected to others, confident, creative and resilient.


We believe in five different kinds of therapeutic intervention; we call them our five steps to change; think of them like distinctive exercise machines in a gym that together ensure your overall health.


The bedrock of personal growth lies in a chance to enter into a dialogue with a kind, insightful and highly experienced psychotherapist. In the presence of one of our team, this is an opportunity to process – and overcome – what might be challenging, confused, worrying or painful and to chart a course towards greater freedom and possibility.

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Therapeutic Groups

An essential part of well-being comes through regularly connecting at depth with other people. Our therapeutic groups run online every week and are a chance to talk to other participants at The School of Life – in the presence of a gifted therapist-moderator – about whatever might be on your mind.

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Mind & Body

A great step to healing – alongside psychotherapy and group discussion – involves working on our bodies and our senses. Many of our present stresses and long-term traumas are lodged in the body and need to be addressed through it. Our Mind & Body interventions complement psychotherapy, and will leave you feeling less burdened, calmer and more spontaneous.

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Emotional Education

Understanding how emotions work (why we feel as we do, how childhood shapes us, where anxiety comes from) is central to becoming a mature, free, contented person. Our emotional education classes are a guide to a number of psychological ideas that can unlock our potential. Alongside therapy itself, these classes equip us to be active participants in our own development.

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Personal Study

A lot of the therapeutic work we need to do in order to heal can be done by ourselves. To complement our therapies, we recommend regular periods of personal study – and to this end, we have built a varied set of tools – including a library of books – that help us to ask the right questions, to find inspiration, recover calm and make optimal decisions.

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