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Our Talks provide a wise, thoughtful and entertaining perspective on some of the largest questions.

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In today’s workplace, our success is dependent on our capacity for emotional intelligence: it’s what enables us to confront with patience, insight and imagination the problems we face in our relationship with ourselves and our colleagues.

In this virtual talk, we’ll explore the meaning and benefits of emotional intelligence and ways of developing the key emotional skills required to prosper at work and in life. We’ll then consider the psychological dynamics of the workplace – how unbridled emotions and neuroses determine our behaviour – and how we can use emotional intelligence to negotiate these with patience and skill, becoming more mature, serene and fulfilled people in the process.

The zoom session will open at 5:45pm UK time, and the 1 hour talk will start promptly at 6pm. If you are based outside the UK please check a converter to determine what time this event starts in your local timezone.

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Our Talks provide a wise, thoughtful and entertaining perspective on some of the largest questions that we face as humans in today’s world: from dealing with emotional problems; to the keys to effective collaboration; to techniques to help us better understand our own minds.

Delivered by experts from The School of Life faculty, they’re a brief but thoughtful introduction to some ground-breaking ideas.

Susan Kahn

Susan Kahn is a consultant, mediator, leadership coach, and Chartered Psychologist with the BPS of CPsychol. She teaches organisational psychology at Birkbeck, University of London and works as a Group Relations Consultant. Her latest book is Bounce Back: How to Fail Fast and be Resilient at Work. She holds an MA in Psychoanalytic Methods from The Tavistock, an MSc in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and a PhD in Philosophy and Organisations Psychology, both from Birkbeck.