Learning Journeys

We focus on taking employees and teams on learning journeys – guiding them through sets of specific skills that comprise the core abilities of all successful organisations. By breaking these down into their emotional elements, we provide a rigorous and uniquely engaging programme of learning and supporting materials that embeds these abilities to create lasting change. In addition to our bespoke journeys, we offer four tailored programmes.


Never has there been more of a focus on employee wellbeing at work: nor a greater need for this attention.

We teach and develop the emotional skills which significantly improve individual and organisational wellbeing, leading to happier and healthier employees, teams and organisations. When people thrive, businesses thrive.

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While the technical skills required to become a good leader are generally clear, the emotional skills are far less obvious (and almost never taught). As a result, many leaders hugely underperform on expectations because they have not properly mastered key bits of their own psychology.

We create great leaders by working on the emotional skills behind the art of leadership.

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Becoming a manager demands a significant change in mindset and skill set. Yet this transition is rarely supported by organisations in terms of developing their skills and preparing them for their new responsibilities.

We create effective and influential managers by developing their emotional skills in key areas which support their organisational ascent.

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Early Career Talent

The transition from the world of education to the world or work is one of the most difficult we make in our lives. We support ECT by providing curated journeys supporting the emotional skills behind successful transition and flourishing early in career, leading to greater and more rapid productivity for the individual and the organisation.

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