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David McRaney: How Minds Change

How can you change someone’s mind? Why do you believe what you believe? Bestselling author David McRaney delved into the fascinating new insights about opinions from the fields of sociology, psychology and neuroscience. On the 28th of March, he will join us for an interactive online session and teach you how to persuade others without losing connection.

The art of persuasion

In this programme, you will learn:

  • The latest scientific insights on how opinions are formed
  • Why facts alone are often not enough to change someone’s mind
  • What skills you need to convince another person
  • To understand the background of the beliefs of others
  • To have a critical look at your own views

It is perhaps the hardest thing we must do as humans: deal with different opinions. While we can usually empathise with others, there are also situations where we simply cannot understand how someone can be so short-sighted. Especially when it comes to polarising topics, such as the climate, Zwarte Piet and corona. As many as 1.4 million people in The Netherlands have conflicts over such topics that negatively affect or even destroy their relationships. Of course, this is something you want to avoid.

A revolution has taken place in sociology, psychology and neuroscience in recent years, with many new insights on how opinions are formed and how you can change them. This knowledge can help us navigate the treacherous landscape of opinions. Because understanding more about how people gain their beliefs, also helps to become better at dealing with opinions. Those of others as well as our own. David McRaney has compiled the most important scientific ideas in his popular book How Minds Change and makes the theory come alive with captivating case-studies. In an interactive online interview, he will share the most important lessons about persuasion in an undoubtedly persuasive way!

About the speaker and interviewers

Read more about David McRaney and the interviewers, Wicher Schols and Naomi Kok Luís.

David McRaney

David McRaney is a science journalist fascinated with brains, minds, and culture. He created the popular podcast You


Wicher Schols

Wicher is a trainer, coach and Head of Faculty at The School of Life. He graduated cum laude


Naomi Kok Luís

Naomi Kok Luís is presenter and programme manager at The School of Life. She has a master’s degree


Practical information:

Date: 28 March
Time: 8:00 PM CET – 9:30 PM CET
Location: Online via Zoom
Language: English


Early bird: € 15,-
Regular ticket: € 19