Group Therapy at The School of Life

Having therapy as part of a group can be a fascinating and fruitful alternative to one-on-one encounters.

We offer 16 week group psychotherapy courses. Learn more below.

Group Therapy at The School of Life

Therapy is mostly done one-on-one, but there can - for some of us - be great advantages to joining a group, where we meet regularly and talk with unusual focus and openness about our emotional lives.

Group therapy differs from a mere gathering of friends, because it is led by a therapist trained in how to offer structure and support and guide the conversation in the most useful and interesting ways.

Group therapy offers rich insights into how we behave around, and respond to, other people. Fears, hopes and patterns of behaviour that don’t normally get observed in daily life can be studied and discussed in an atmosphere of deep insight and kindness. 

Group therapy at The School of Life runs one night a week over sixteen weeks.