Group Therapy at The School of Life

Having therapy as part of a group can be a fascinating and fruitful alternative to one-on-one encounters.

We offer 16 week group psychotherapy as well as shorter 4 week themed groups. Learn more below.

About Groups at The School of Life

Therapy is mostly done one-on-one, but there can - for some of us - be great advantages to joining a group, where we meet regularly and talk with unusual focus and openness about our emotional lives.

Groups differ from a mere gathering of friends, because they are led by a team of expert psychotherapists and psychologists, who offer structure and support and guide the conversation in the most useful and interesting ways.

The great advantage of groups is that they offer rich insights into how we behave around, and respond to, other people. Fears, hopes and patterns of behaviour that don’t normally get observed in daily life can be studied and discussed in an atmosphere of deep insight and kindness.
Groups are a hugely valuable addition, or for some people alternative, to the one-on-one therapeutic work we provide at The School of Life.

Group Psychotherapy - 16 week courses

Group Psychotherapy provides a safe environment in which to explore difficulties in emotional life. It offers a chance to examine the roles you take on in relationships and the patterns you might repeat in different environments. Through the process, you can develop a better understanding of yourself and others.

You might discover more about what makes you feel socially anxious or how it is that you sometimes struggle to assert yourself. Or you might find that you tend to take the mediator or peacemaker role in your interactions. You might feel low in mood or feel a bit stuck in your life; or perhaps you might find yourself struggling to share or feel intimate. You might want to explore why relationships outside the group keep breaking down. Or perhaps you might find that you struggle to understand a destructive habit or a source of constant conflict. All these types of issues can be addressed well in group therapy.

You might wonder why you should explore these matters in a group environment. The group represents a microcosm of the wider world, and provides opportunities to explore interpersonal issues with particular care and kindness. Dynamics that were first experienced in earlier areas of your life can often be repeated and played out at work, or in social groups and friendships. Group psychotherapy provides an opportunity to challenge any problematic patterns and work through a range of issues so that you can ultimately experience healthier ways of relating to yourself and others in the outside world.

4 Week Group Courses

For individuals who are interested in exploring a specific area of their lives, we offer 4-week long group courses. Each course focuses on a specific theme, such as Relationships or Parenting, and allows participants to explore with unusual insight, once a week for four weeks, issues with others who are going through similar feelings.