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25 September
How To Face Death

Death is inevitable. Thinking about our ends helps us lead richer lives.

A Night of Better Conversations: Relationships

Join us for a fun, social and meaningful night of better conversation on the topic of relationships.

Communicate Better At Work

By learning to handle workplace tensions, we can drop the script and start to be authentic with colleagues.

Cultivate Resilience At Work

In this workshop, we’ll learn to become more comfortable with risk and uncertainty in our personal and professional lives.

21 August
How To Have Better Conversations

Investigate the psychology and philosophy of conversation - what works and what doesn't.

The Art of Arguing Well

Explore of the importance of disagreement and well-reasoned points of departure in this unique one-day workshop on the art of arguing well.

17 October
How To Make Up Your Mind

Decisions, decisions, decisions. How many have you made in the last three hours? No wonder we feel so tired of trying to decide.

Philosophy Salon: Simone de Beauvoir

Philosopher Dr Tim Dean facilitates an intimate Philosophy Salon of wine, cheese, charcuterie – and philosophy.

13 October
Be More Entrepreneurial At Work

Entrepreneurship is much more than the pursuit of profit. It is a way of thinking that makes the world a better place

25 August
Authentic Leadership At Work

Develop an authentic leadership style that inspires commitment and gets results.

23 August
How To Find A Job You Love

What you really want from your working life.

Storytelling As Therapy with Dumbo Feather magazine

Learn to identify and process life experiences and turn them into well-crafted stories with the team at Dumbo Feather.

21 September
How To Make Love Last

A session to carry you beyond the dizzying heights of passion and explore what happens when the honeymoon ends.

5 September
Laurie Penny On Freedom

What is freedom without feminism? British journalist and activist Laurie Penny asks us to reconsider what we are fighting for.

23 October
How To Be Resilient

In this class, we’ll learn a range of techniques for bouncing back from adversity.

6 September
Stoic Mindfulness and Meditation

How can Stoic philosophy help us to mindfully approach dinner parties, handle failure and stay calm in a conflict.

27 September
How To Realise Your Potential

Explore your potential in a free-form, imaginative, free-wheeling way.

12 September
AC Grayling On Democracy's Crisis

Internationally renowned philosopher AC Grayling examines the failure of the best political system we have: democracy.

How To Find Meaning Without Religion

Fill the god-shaped hole with greater meaning.

16 September
Rewiring Your Brain for Creativity

Go beyond conventional thinking and re-wire your brain’s approach to creative problem solving.

10 October
How To Communicate Better In Love

Learn how to say what you mean, hear what’s really being said, and even appreciate those uncomfortable silences.

2 September
Living With A Creative Mind

Why is creativity often linked to “madness” and why do creative people cause so much frustration to everyone around them?

16 September
Mark Manson On The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

Join internationally celebrated blogger and author Mark Manson as he asks us to take an active role in living a better life, with a healthy dose of pessimism.

3 October
How To Be A Good Leader

Develop an authentic leadership style that inspires commitment and gets results.

23 September
Understanding Mindfulness

A science-based introduction to mindfulness facilitated by Steve Pozel.

29 August
The Art of Imperfection

Learn to embrace imperfection: at work, at home and in relationships.

7 October
Self-Compassion with Kathleen Cator

Learn how to understand and calm your inner critic in this practical 3-hour workshop with clinical psychologist, Kathleen Cator.

13 September
How To Be Confident

What is confidence and why does the lack of it have such a debilitating effect?

24 October
Philosophy Salon: Plato

Philosopher Dr Tim Dean facilitates an intimate Philosophy Salon of wine, cheese, charcuterie – and philosophy.

18 September
How To Be Creative

Interventions and techniques to shift the blocks that often stop us from working most effectively.


Your guide you to those amazing but often elusive works of literature, both past and present, that have the power to enchant, enrich and inspire.

19 September
How To Change The World

As we identify our personal values and desired level of social engagement, we can focus our passion for a cause.

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