Travel Gift Set

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A gift set to help us embark on journeys of self-exploration

This set contains How to Travel and Travel Therapy Cards. Together, they'll ensure your outward journeys spark inner ones. You'll discover how travel can expand our emotional and intellectual horizons – and why going away might be the perfect opportunity for finding yourself

Product description

Contained in this set:

How to Travel: 30 essays with room for notes and observations. This is the guide: not to any one destination but to travel in general. It talks to us, among other things, about how we should choose a place to go, what we might do when we get there, how we should make good moment stick in our minds and why hotel rooms can be such liberating places…

Paperback book | 132 pp | 192 x 155 mm | Includes bookmark and notepaper | Colour photographs




Travel Therapy Cards: 52 cards to deepen and transform the experience of travel. Going travelling can be one of life’s greatest activities – but often, we fail to deepen the experience as much as we should and return home with some of the promise of our trip unrealised. Here is a pack of cards designed to help us get the very best out of travel – and to embed its greatest lessons in our minds. This is an ingenious, low-tech, high-impact solution to one of the great conundrums of travel: how to ensure that the reality of going away will match our hopes.

52 Cards + instructions | 91x 67 x 20mm | 1+ players | For Adults